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Date   Title Writer Subject
08/23/2014 Cooper 12, Ryle 3 Greg Shoemaker Ryle at Cooper
08/23/2014 Simon Kenton 33, Collins 14 Brady Laber Collins at Simon Kenton
08/23/2014 Campbell County 31, East Central 14 Craig Latscha Campbell County at East Central
08/23/2014 Holmes 21, Holy Cross 7 John Lachmann Holmes at Holy Cross
08/23/2014 Dayton 18, Brossart 13 John Lachmann Bishop Brossart at Dayton
08/22/2014 High School Football Tonight (8/22) TSF Staff
08/21/2014 2014 Snapshot: Princeton James Adams Princeton
08/21/2014 Preview: Ryle at Cooper Greg Shoemaker Ryle at Cooper
08/21/2014 Preview: Campbell County at East Central Greg Shoemaker Campbell County at East Central
08/20/2014 Rising Star: Hunter Krause Mark Pinto Fairfield
08/20/2014 2014 Snapshot: Lakota East John Lachmann Lakota East
08/20/2014 2014 Snapshot: Oak Hills James Adams Oak Hills
08/20/2014 2014 Snapshot: Sycamore Greg Shoemaker Sycamore
08/20/2014 Newport Looks To Build On Momentum Bryan Burke Newport
08/19/2014 Tradition, Hard Work Drive NCC Success Bryan Burke Newport Central Catholic
08/19/2014 Numbers Growing For Young Ludlow Team Bryan Burke Ludlow
08/18/2014 Rising Star: Bryce Jenkinson John Lachmann Greenville
08/18/2014 2014 Snapshot: Hamilton Mark Pinto Hamilton
08/18/2014 2014 Active Leaders: GWOC North TSF Staff GWOC - North Division
08/17/2014 2014 US Marines Backyard Battle Series TSF Staff
08/15/2014 VOTE: 2014 Preseason All-TSF TSF Staff
08/15/2014 GWOC North Notes Greg Shoemaker GWOC - North Division
08/15/2014 2014 Snapshot: Butler Greg Shoemaker Vandalia Butler
08/14/2014 2014 Snapshot: Troy Mark Pinto Troy
08/14/2014 2014 Snapshot: Piqua Greg Shoemaker Piqua
08/14/2014 2014 Snapshot: Cooper James Adams Cooper
08/13/2014 2014 Snapshot: Trotwood-Madison Greg Shoemaker Trotwood-Madison
08/13/2014 2014 Must-See Games: NKY Greg Shoemaker KY
08/12/2014 NKY Class 5A, District 5 Notes Greg Shoemaker NKY - Class 5A, District 5
08/11/2014 2014 Snapshot: South Oldham Greg Shoemaker South Oldham
08/10/2014 2014 Snapshot: Conner Greg Shoemaker Conner
08/10/2014 2014 Active Leaders: Class 5A, District 5 TSF Staff NKY - Class 5A, District 5
08/09/2014 GCL South: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff GCL - South Division
08/08/2014 2014 Snapshot: St. Xavier Greg Shoemaker St. Xavier
08/07/2014 Recruiting Roll Call: GCL South TSF Staff GCL - South Division
08/07/2014 Notes: GCL South Greg Shoemaker GCL - South Division
08/07/2014 2014 Snapshot: MVCA John Lachmann Miami Valley Christian Academy
08/06/2014 2014 Snapshot: Moeller Mark Pinto Moeller
08/06/2014 2014 Snapshot: LaSalle Greg Shoemaker La Salle
08/05/2014 2014 Snapshot: Elder James Adams Elder
08/04/2014 2014 Snapshot: Franklin Rob Ellington Franklin
08/02/2014 Notes: SWBL Southwestern Greg Shoemaker SWBL - Southwestern Division
08/01/2014 Kennard Done With Football Greg Shoemaker SWBL - Southwestern Division


Date   Title Writer Subject
07/31/2014 Rising Star: Jake Hausmann Mark Pinto Moeller
07/31/2014 2014 Snapshot: Valley View James Adams Valley View
07/31/2014 SWBL Southwestern: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff SWBL - Southwestern Division
07/30/2014 2014 Snapshot: Eaton John Lachmann Eaton
07/30/2014 Rising Star: Alex Fryman Greg Shoemaker Bellbrook
07/29/2014 2014 Snapshot: Covington Catholic Greg Shoemaker Covington Catholic
07/28/2014 NKY Class 4A: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff NKY - Class 4A, District 7
07/27/2014 Brumfield Leads Young Bulldogs Greg Shoemaker Holmes
07/26/2014 2014 Snapshot: Harrison County Greg Shoemaker Harrison County
07/25/2014 Rising Star: Beau Hoge John Lachmann Highlands
07/24/2014 2014 Snapshot: Highlands Rob Ellington Highlands
07/24/2014 Stalker Picks Cavaliers TSF Staff Lakota West
07/23/2014 2014 Snapshot: Madeira Greg Shoemaker Madeira
07/23/2014 2014 Snapshot: Deer Park James Adams Deer Park
07/22/2014 CHL Notes Greg Shoemaker Cincinnati Hills League
07/21/2014 2014 Snapshot: Wyoming Mark Pinto Wyoming
07/20/2014 CHL: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff Cincinnati Hills League
07/19/2014 2014 Snapshot: Indian Hill Rob Ellington Indian Hill
07/18/2014 Ryle RB Receives Top Gun Invite TSF Staff Ryle
07/17/2014 2014 Snapshot: Taylor Greg Shoemaker Taylor
07/16/2014 Beavers Go With Black Greg Shoemaker Beavercreek
07/15/2014 2014 Snapshot: Wayne Greg Shoemaker Wayne
07/14/2014 GWOC Central Notes Greg Shoemaker GWOC - Central Division
07/13/2014 Bishop Brossart Lands On Wiggins TSF Staff Bishop Brossart
07/12/2014 2014 Snapshot: Fairmont Mark Pinto Fairmont
07/11/2014 Q & A: Branden Johnson Greg Shoemaker Dixie Heights
07/10/2014 2014 Snapshot: Northmont Greg Shoemaker Northmont
07/10/2014 GWOC Central: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff GWOC - Central Division
07/09/2014 2014 Snapshot: Centerville Mark Pinto Centerville
07/08/2014 GCL Co-eds Commitments Greg Shoemaker GCL - Co-eds Division
07/08/2014 2014 Snapshot: Beechwood Greg Shoemaker Beechwood
07/07/2014 2014 Rankings: NKY Greg Shoemaker KY
07/06/2014 2014 Rankings: Ohio DI Greg Shoemaker OH
07/05/2014 2014 Rankings: Ohio DII Greg Shoemaker OH
07/04/2014 2014 Rankings: Ohio DIII Greg Shoemaker OH
07/03/2014 2014 Rankings: Ohio Division IV Greg Shoemaker OH
07/02/2014 2014 Rankings: Ohio Divisions V-VII Greg Shoemaker OH
07/02/2014 Hilliard commits to Ohio State Greg Shoemaker St. Xavier
07/02/2014 2014 Snapshot: Edgewood Greg Shoemaker Edgewood
07/01/2014 2014 Snapshot: Simon Kenton Greg Shoemaker Simon Kenton


Date   Title Writer Subject
06/29/2014 Q&A: Jeff Marksberry Greg Shoemaker Simon Kenton
06/28/2014 Rising Star: Branden Johnson Greg Shoemaker Dixie Heights
06/25/2014 Class 6A, District 6 Notes Greg Shoemaker NKY - Class 6A, District 6
06/24/2014 Graham The Man At Trotwood-Madison Greg Shoemaker Trotwood-Madison
06/23/2014 NKY Class 6A: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff NKY - Class 6A, District 6
06/23/2014 Asafo-Adjei Picks Kentucky TSF Staff Lakota West
06/23/2014 2014 Snapshot: Campbell County Greg Shoemaker Campbell County
06/22/2014 2014 Snapshot: Boone County Greg Shoemaker Boone County
06/21/2014 By The Numbers: Jake Weber Greg Shoemaker Harrison
06/20/2014 2014 Snapshot: Harrison Mark Pinto Harrison
06/20/2014 SWOC: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff Southwestern Ohio Conference
06/19/2014 2014 Snapshot: Mount Healthy Greg Shoemaker Mount Healthy
06/18/2014 Rising Star: David Montgomery Greg Shoemaker Mount Healthy
06/17/2014 UC Lands Local WR TSF Staff Lakota West
06/16/2014 Elder's Ramsey Adds Offer TSF Staff Elder
06/15/2014 2014 Snapshot: Talawanda Mark Pinto Talawanda
06/14/2014 2014 Snapshot: Northwest Greg Shoemaker Northwest
06/13/2014 NKFCA All-Stars: West 28, East 20 Greg Shoemaker KY
06/12/2014 SWOC Notes Greg Shoemaker Southwestern Ohio Conference
06/12/2014 2014 Snapshot: Ross Greg Shoemaker Ross
06/11/2014 2014 Snapshot: Urbana Mark Pinto Urbana
06/11/2014 CBC Mad River: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff CBC - Mad River Division
06/10/2014 2014 Snapshot: Kenton Ridge Greg Shoemaker Kenton Ridge
06/09/2014 CBC Kenton Notes Greg Shoemaker CBC - Kenton Division
06/08/2014 Air Force Offers Bruns Greg Shoemaker Kings
06/07/2014 2014 Active Leaders: CBC Kenton TSF Staff CBC - Kenton Division
06/06/2014 2014 Snapshot: Tippecanoe Greg Shoemaker Tippecanoe
06/06/2014 Offers Flowing For Coleman TSF Staff Alter
06/05/2014 2014 Snapshot: Greenon Mark Pinto Greenon
06/04/2014 CBC Mad River Notes Greg Shoemaker CBC - Mad River Division
06/03/2014 2014 Snapshot: Northwestern Greg Shoemaker Springfield Northwestern
06/02/2014 Rising Star: Kyle Fieger Greg Shoemaker NKY - Class 1A, District 4


Date   Title Writer Subject
05/30/2014 2014 Snapshot: Bellevue Greg Shoemaker Bellevue
05/29/2014 2014 Snapshot: Ludlow Greg Shoemaker Ludlow
05/29/2014 Q&A: Chad Montgomery, Dayton Greg Shoemaker Dayton
05/29/2014 Q&A: Darran Powell, Dunbar Greg Shoemaker Dunbar
05/27/2014 2014 Snapshot: Meadowdale Greg Shoemaker Meadowdale
05/25/2014 Horton Commits to WMU TSF Staff Lakota West
05/24/2014 Rising Star: Tony Brown Greg Shoemaker Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference
05/23/2014 2014 Snapshot: Batavia Greg Shoemaker Batavia
05/22/2014 CMAC Notes Greg Shoemaker Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference
05/22/2014 Batavia Hires Alum Corrill Steve Daugherty SBAAC - National Division
05/21/2014 OHSAA Approves Running Clock TSF Staff OH
05/21/2014 2014 Snapshot: Hughes Greg Shoemaker Hughes
05/20/2014 2014 Snapshot: Taft Greg Shoemaker Taft
05/19/2014 Cooper Super As Freshman Greg Shoemaker Bethel-Tate
05/18/2014 2014 Active Leaders: SBAAC National TSF Staff SBAAC - National Division
05/18/2014 2014 Snapshot: Williamsburg Mark Pinto Williamsburg
05/17/2014 Sizer steps down at Batavia Greg Shoemaker SBAAC - National Division
05/17/2014 2014 Snapshot: Norwood Rob Ellington Norwood
05/16/2014 SBAAC American: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff SBAAC - American Division
05/15/2014 Foley Foils Foes Greg Shoemaker Batavia
05/15/2014 Hounshell Hounds Opponents Greg Shoemaker Amelia
05/15/2014 2014 Snapshot: Clermont Northeastern Greg Shoemaker Clermont Northeastern
05/14/2014 Rising Star: Tyler Anderson Mark Pinto New Richmond
05/14/2014 KHSAA Approves Realignment Plan TSF Staff KY
05/13/2014 2014 Snapshot: Western Brown Rob Ellington Western Brown
05/12/2014 Field Set For 17th Crosstown Showdown Dan Clasgens
05/11/2014 Goshen Goes George Greg Shoemaker Goshen
05/10/2014 2014 Snapshot: New Richmond Greg Shoemaker New Richmond
05/09/2014 2014 Snapshot: Clinton Massie Mark Pinto Clinton-Massie
05/07/2014 2014 Snapshot: Winton Woods Greg Shoemaker Winton Woods
05/06/2014 2014 Snapshot: Wilmington Greg Shoemaker Wilmington
05/05/2014 Rising Star: David Long Mark Pinto Winton Woods
05/04/2014 Hatcher Named West Carrolton Head Coach Greg Shoemaker Springboro
05/03/2014 SWBL Buckeye: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff SWBL - Buckeye Division
05/02/2014 Notes: SWBL Buckeye Greg Shoemaker SWBL - Buckeye Division
05/01/2014 2014 Snapshot: Waynesville Greg Shoemaker Waynesville


Date   Title Writer Subject
04/30/2014 Rising Star: Joby Williams Greg Shoemaker Preble Shawnee
04/29/2014 2014 Snapshot: Milton-Union Greg Shoemaker Milton-Union
04/28/2014 Reading Hires Moelller OC McLaughlin Greg Shoemaker Reading
04/27/2014 By The Numbers: Troy Black Greg Shoemaker Waynesville
04/26/2014 2014 Snapshot: Dixie Greg Shoemaker Dixie
04/25/2014 ECC: Playoff History TSF Staff Eastern Cincinnati Conference
04/25/2014 By The Numbers: DeAndre Barnett Greg Shoemaker Kings
04/24/2014 Rising Star: Tyler Pilcher Greg Shoemaker Glen Este
04/24/2014 Blast From The Past: 2007 Anderson Mark Pinto Anderson
04/23/2014 2014 Snapshot: Loveland Greg Shoemaker Loveland
04/23/2014 Gildea in at CNE Greg Shoemaker Clermont Northeastern
04/22/2014 ECC: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff Eastern Cincinnati Conference
04/21/2014 Rising Star: Adrian Baker Mark Pinto Turpin
04/21/2014 Q&A: Ryan Drake, Withrow Greg Shoemaker Withrow
04/20/2014 2014 ORS Exposure Showcase TSF Staff
04/17/2014 2014 Snapshot: Walnut Hills Greg Shoemaker Walnut Hills
04/16/2014 2014 Snapshot: Milford Mark Pinto Milford
04/15/2014 2014 Snapshot: Newport Central Catholic Dan Clasgens Newport Central Catholic
04/15/2014 Ohio: North-South Rosters Announced TSF Staff OH
04/14/2014 New Rule Better Defines Targeting TSF Staff
04/13/2014 Owen County looks to youth on O Greg Shoemaker Owen County
04/12/2014 2014 Snapshot: Gallatin County Greg Shoemaker Gallatin County
04/11/2014 2014 Snapshot: Newport Greg Shoemaker Newport
04/10/2014 2014 Snapshot: Walton-Verona Rob Ellington Walton-Verona
04/09/2014 Moyer on new job at Dayton Christian Greg Shoemaker Dayton Christian
04/08/2014 Rising Star: Prince Sammons Greg Shoemaker Miami Valley Conference
04/07/2014 Blast From The Past: Angelo Pruitt Mark Pinto Miami Valley Conference
04/06/2014 MVC: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff Miami Valley Conference
04/06/2014 2014 Snapshot: Clark Montessori Greg Shoemaker Clark Montessori
04/05/2014 Rising Star: Darryn Jordan Greg Shoemaker Cincinnati Country Day School
04/04/2014 Katsetos prowls field for Cougars Greg Shoemaker Cincinnati Christian
04/03/2014 2014 Snapshot: Summit Country Day Mark Pinto Summit Country Day
04/03/2014 2014 Snapshot: CHCA Greg Shoemaker Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
04/02/2014 Q & A: Adam Raby, Lockland Greg Shoemaker Lockland
04/01/2014 2014 Snapshot: St. Bernard Greg Shoemaker St. Bernard


Date   Title Writer Subject
03/31/2014 2014 Snapshot: Chaminade Julienne Mark Pinto Chaminade Julienne
03/30/2014 Everybody loves Bacon Greg Shoemaker Roger Bacon
03/30/2014 Cavaliers start anew Greg Shoemaker Purcell Marian
03/29/2014 GCL Co-eds: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff OH
03/27/2014 2014 Snapshot: McNicholas Greg Shoemaker McNicholas
03/27/2014 Healthy Hinton will soar for Falcons Greg Shoemaker Bishop Fenwick
03/27/2014 Q & A: Ben Rulli, Carroll Greg Shoemaker
03/26/2014 By The Numbers: Luke Sulken Greg Shoemaker McNicholas
03/26/2014 2014 Snapshot: Badin TSF Staff Badin
03/25/2014 2014 Snapshot: Alter Mark Pinto Alter
03/24/2014 2014 Snapshot: Greensburg Rob Ellington Greensburg
03/23/2014 2014 Snapshot: Connersville Greg Shoemaker Connersville
03/22/2014 KHSAA Announces 2015 Class Breakdown Greg Shoemaker KY
03/21/2014 Rising Star: Connor Schuck Greg Shoemaker Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference
03/20/2014 2014 Snapshot: East Central Rob Ellington East Central
03/19/2014 2014 Snapshot: Lawrenceburg Greg Shoemaker Lawrenceburg
03/18/2014 2014 Snapshot: South Dearborn Greg Shoemaker South Dearborn
03/17/2014 2014 Snapshot: Lebanon Mark Pinto Lebanon
03/16/2014 GWOC South: 2014 Active Leaders TSF Staff GWOC - South Division
03/15/2014 Rising Star: Jango Glackin Greg Shoemaker GWOC - South Division
03/13/2014 2014 Snapshot: Miamisburg Mark Pinto Miamisburg
03/12/2014 2014 Snapshot: West Carrollton Greg Shoemaker West Carrollton
03/12/2014 2014 Snapshot: Xenia Greg Shoemaker Xenia
03/11/2014 Q&A: Bob DeLong, Xenia TSF Staff Xenia
03/10/2014 2014 Snapshot: Springboro Greg Shoemaker Springboro
03/07/2014 2014 Surprises Ahead Greg Shoemaker
03/06/2014 Rising Star: Tommy Kraemer, Elder Rob Ellington GCL - South Division
03/05/2014 Flashback: 2007 Beechwood Rob Ellington Beechwood
03/04/2014 Coaching Carousel Spins Greg Shoemaker
03/03/2014 2014 Breakout Performers Greg Shoemaker OH
03/01/2014 Year in Review: Clinton-Massie TSF Staff Clinton-Massie
03/01/2014 Year in Review: Tippecanoe TSF Staff Tippecanoe
03/01/2014 Year in Review: Valley View TSF Staff Valley View