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Friday, February 22, 2013

TSF Expanding Its Coverage


Clinton-Massie one of many new additions TSF is adding to its full-season coverage.

Big news for local high school fans, will be expanding its coverage area for the 2013 season.

Our website is the only media outlet in the market that covers high school football exclusively 365 days a year and now we will be covering more of it. With new additions we will now cover 154 four teams from Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana. In total we will cover 20 conferences (districts) and 25 total divisions.

All of them will be part of our Conference Week coverage that kicks off on Monday, March 4 and runs through Sunday, August 18.

Here are the newly added teams (some have been covered previously):

MVC adds 2 teams – Dayton Christian; St. Bernard-Elmwood Place
EIAC adds 2 teams – Connersville; Rushville
DCL (5) – Ponitz Tech; Belmont; Dunbar; Marshall; Meadowdale
OVAL (5) – CCPA; Riverview East; MVCA; Gamble Montessori; Oyler
OTHERS – Clinton-Massie; East Clinton; Winton Woods

Here’s a look at our updated coverage list:

INDIANA (8 teams)
EIAC (8)

KENTUCKY (29 teams)
NKY Class 1A, District 4 (4)
NKY Class 2A, District 5 (5)
NKY Class 2A, District 6 (5)
NKY Class 4A, District 7 (5)
NKY Class 5A, District 5 (5)
NKY Class 6A, District 6 (5)

OHIO (117 teams)
GWOC North (6)
GWOC Central (6)
GWOC South (6)
SWBL Southwestern (7)
SWBL Buckeye (7)
GCL North (4)
GCL Central (4)
GCL South (4)
SBAAC American (5)
SBAAC National (5)
GMC (10)
MVC (10)
SWOC (8)
CHL (8)
CMAC (7)
ECC (7)
DCL (5)
OVAL (5)

Further expansion is in our plans for the near future. Stay tuned for more info on our Conference Week schedule.

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This article has bee produced from various reports provided to the staff. If you are interested in covering your team, please CONTACT US.